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Sometimes an item takes a little longer to arrive than you would like.
Mostly this is due to handling issues by Australia Post.

Petlins use tracking for all items sent by post.

Customers often ask "when will I receive my order?" A valid question, however Petlins have no control over this... Petlins deliver your order to a local post office. After this it is up to Australia Post to get it to you. We have had parcels addressed to Brighton le Sands go via Queensland, We have had parcels sit in a parcel centre for 5 days. The only question we can answer in this regard is "when will my order be posted"? So please, do not ask us when you will receive it!

So... you thought your parcel might have arrived by now? Have you personally enquired at your Local Post Office. You do not need a tracking number for this... most post offices store their parcels in the back room alphabetically and just need the name the parcel is addressed to to find it. Many a time parcels have been waiting for collection AND there was NO card left in the customer's letter box!

If you used Petlins Online Store, you will receive notification from Australia Post when your order is posted.

We generally find that the customer making an enquiry does so from a mobile device thinking
 "I'll just check to see where my order is up to..." without considering the effort involved on our part ... and it usually arrives the next day!

To allow us to locate your delivery, please complete the form, below, and click the SUBMIT button

Note: Petlins have NO control over how your order is handled once we deliver it to a Post Office. Some customers may receive their parcel at their door, some may receive a card to collect a parcel at a Post Office near them... some receive deliveries on Saturdays... some Post Offices are open on Saturdays....some parcels may have to be signed for and cannot be "left at the back door". Please enquire at your local Post Office if you have a delivery question.

Placing an order with Petlins, by any means, indicates the buyer's acceptance of the Charges, Terms and Conditions shown on this page

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