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Sneek Preview of Ashford's New Weaving Bench - Now in stock
   Yarn Stand  $145 now available
  ... for Ashford Looms
For weavers who may have trouble advancing the warp, these handi handles may be just the answer. They come in 2 sizes...
Large = for rigid heddle looms and table looms   and   small = for Katie, knitters looms and SampleIt looms $29.95 per handle ..NOW available
Coming soon e-spinner super jumbo. Has the flyer from the Country Spinner wheel, and that is huge!
     Wavy Shuttles, now in stock
ashford rigid heddle loomashford double heddle blocks  ashford warping board peg set
Latest update to the Ashford range of rigid heddle looms... (not Knitters Looms)
They now have....

1.  the holes for warping pegs,
2.  double heddle blocks, ready for the addition of an optional second heddle (Second heddle is NOT included).
         - and also available is the set of warping pegs, to complete the new "warping board"  Note, available as an option, NOT included
Ashford 40cm SampleIt Loom
Buy online now or use the Buy Now button, below ...
After this loom? Buy it now and it will be in the post in a flash .. $199.95 post included
Now Instore
A new range of yarns from Maurice Brassard & Fils - Canada
Mercerised Cotton 8/2 natural and bleached
Cottolin 2/8 (22/2) in 30 colours plus natural and bleached
Cottolin 2/16 (half as thick as 22/2)
natural and bleached
Cotton 2/8 (8/2) in 80 colours plus natural and bleached
Cotton 4/8
(twice as thick as 2/8) natural and bleached
Metallic Yarn in Gold & Silver (remember the old Lurex!)
Seine warping cottons in 12/8 12/12 & 12/15 equivalent
Linen warping yarns
Tencel 8/2 natural
See the Cotton and Cottolin colours here
See the prices here

After this item? Buy it now and it will be in the post in a flash.  Only $795  Postage included ...

Solid timber beater with 10 teeth set at 5dpi (20/10) and a lacquer finish.  
Weight approx. 105 gms (4 oz)
Length 245mm (9 5/8”)
Width 60mm (2 5/8”)

Made from Silver Beech.

Perfect companion for your rigid heddle, knitters, SampleIt, Tapestry, table looms and weaving frames!

Available and in stock now! They make a perfect gift for all weavers.

Ashford Elizabeth 30"
80th Anniversary Wheel

Rapidly becoming a Collectors Item

This is a Limited Edition model, only one batch will ever be made ...

Buy yours now while they are still available, below...
Buy here and save $100 ... listed at $1725!

Delivery included... 
$1625 single treadle
Available: YES - 1 only
$1625 double treadle

Available: YES - 1 only

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