How to add your items to Petlins Gallery of ....
Pre-loved items....

it really is easy....

      • choose an item you wish to sell
      • take a digital photo 
      • Note... it is your picture that sells your item ... ie, the better the picture ...
      • save it as a .JPEG / .JPG file
      • scan it for viruses
      • send an email stating: (please do not apply any formatting. Petlins reserve the right to not publish your listing and no refund will be made IF formatting is made to the text in your email. You have been asked...)
      • set a selling price
      • give a brief description of the item, if it includes accessories, etc., NO formatting of text
      • your contact details (e.g., phone 9736 1501 between 10 and 4 on Thursday, email contact, mobile etc)
      • attach the photo file to your email 
      • send it off to ...
      • Please allow around 7 days from cleared payment for your item to appear in the gallery
      • NOTE ... this applies per item to be sold. Two items = two listing fees etc.
      • We publish the contents of your email as supplied to Petlins

      then arrange a deposit of $15 per item, $5 per additional picture to ...

      Petlins --- Westpac --- BSB: 032069 --- Account number: 730649

      This deposit may be done online (use reference of Surname and phone number) or at a Westpac branch.

      To the seller

      This payment will entitle you to have your picture included in Petlins Online Gallery for a period of up to three (3) months. If, during this time, your item sells, please advise Petlins and your item will be removed. Remember, the sale is between you and your customer.
      Petlins take no part in the transaction.

      To the buyer

      If an item on Petlins Online Gallery has a phone / email contact, it indicates this is a private sale. You need to contact the seller directly by the method given. Any transaction is between you and the seller.
      Petlins take no part in the sale ...... caveat emptor. 

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