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Express Post Surcharge

Express Post Surcharge

Product Information

NOTE: Due to continual customer complaints, we no longer offer Express Post for any reason. When delays by Aus Post occurred, we copped the  blame as customers believed it to be our fault their parcel was not delivered. Enough is enough.

NOTE ... Petlins do not offer the Express Post option as a routine item. We appreciate there may be times when you have left your order a little late. We will do our best to accommodate you however this is not always feasible due to stock location / levels and our personal commitments. The process of adding Express Post often delays your order being sent as normal, resulting in your order being received later than normal posting!
Contact Petlins first, to ascertain the number of these items you will need to add to your cart order. The price shown is for small items, which when packed, weigh less than 3kg and fit in a 3kg flat rate satchel. This may not be the final cost of adding Express Post to your requirements. Delays will occur in correspondence times, we do not live in an instant world!

Express Post surcharge only covers the post service offered by Australia Post. It does not change our packing or posting time or the order in which your order is packed. It does not imply we will get your item to the Post Office on the day you place your order.

Add this to your cart if you require your parcel to go Express Post once it is with Australia Post. Please read the description closely

Petlins offer absolutely NO Guarantee for Express Delivery time frames. This is between you and Australia Post.

Contrary to belief, not all areas are covered under Australia Post's delivery guarantee. Check with your Post Office.

All our customer orders are packed / processed in the order they are received. This is not an express pack or a "drop everything and make a special trip to the post office" extra! It only covers the service offered by Australia Post.

We do not post into a Yellow Street Posting Box, but over the counter at our local Post Office. Grose Vale Post Office closing time for Express Post lodgement is by 2pm.

Paid for Express Post and it does not arrive as expected? Contact Australia Post, not Petlins!. No correspondence will be entered into.

If the order is for more than one item and the complete order cannot be fulfilled, the items available will be sent Express Post, the balance of the items will be forwarded when available at additional cost to the customer. This is contrary to our normal out of stock policy where Petlins cover the cost of forwarding out of stock items when they become available. This is due to the fact that stock is held in two locations and often will need to be picked up from the other location and will be posted shortly after. This delay of a couple of days is usually acceptable, but not if Express Post has been requested.

Adding this item to your cart indicates acceptance of all conditions stated above, you understand Petlins are under no obligation to treat your order any differently and they will pay for, and will have an Express Post label attached to the parcel

Price: $15.00

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