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pre-loved item gallery (as at 4.08.17)

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Below is a gallery of some of the pre-loved items for sale. You should check it from time to time....it includes a range of second hand spinning wheels, table and floor weaving looms and accessories. What you are looking for might just be here one day at a price you hadn't imagined! ......
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I have a 40 inch 24 shaft dobby loom for sale

Click the above link, then look at where your browser downloads files ... this came to Petlins as a .pdf file and not a .jpg, hence no picture here!

$3000 ono

Complete with reeds, shuttles and extra lags

Currently disassembled for storage

Phone 02 61016742

Wendy Dodd
Wheel and Chair combination
Wee Peggy in excellent condition, Ashford chair to accompany
The wheel does need the maiden bar re-glued - minor issue otherwise in perfect condition and includes the 4 original bobbins, scotch tension brake knob and the threading hook
Only available as the package

AVL Dobby Loom  SOLD


60” weaving width 20 shafts
Overhead beater, 2 box fly shuttle
Tension brake, cloth storage system
This loom has 2 dobby arms and a set of lams which provide a centre shed that makes treadling super easy.
Includes several reeds,pegs,cloth aprons. Has a comprehensive book on construction and use. Loom is currently packed in 3 large wooden crates


ex display / demo. Lacquered 

Shop collection only
$ 575

Ex class wheel lacquered and assembled 
Full warranty and all inclusions as when new

Shop collection only

$ 1185

Limited Edition Elizabeth 30 inch 80th Anniversary Spinning Wheel - Display Model

Rare Indeed! Never used! Shop collection only (NP)

  • Huge 30” wheel
  • Mounted on ball bearings (this wheel just won’t stop turning)
  • Incredibly smooth effortless treadling
  • 3 whorls to give ratios 6,7, 8, 10.5, 13.5,18 & 25:1 
  • Classic Saxony style made in beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a smooth lacquer finish
  • Adjustable maiden bar for perfect alignment and tension
  • Tensioned lazy kate and 4 bobbins included
  • Double drive with single drive option
$ 895
Brand New. Recently assembled for shop display.
Current model 80cm 4 shaft Ashford table loom with all the included accessories of a new one. Weaving shown is not included... List price (kitset) is $1025!
Shop collection only (NP)

Wee Peggy - oiled finish. Early model, one bobbin chipped otherwise great condition. Recent service.
(NP)  shop collection only
$2000 ono
Leclerc  Nilus I  4 shaft 105 cm wide 4 shaft 6 pedal Jack loom with folding back beam, 2 reeds and a sectional warping set.

This was sent from Canada some years ago and has been a great loom but is now a bit too wide as my space gets less and my age gets longer!

Liz Doyle   e: doylewood at bigpond.com
Phone: 0264941401    Tathra NSW South Coast 2550
$745 SOLD

Ashford Table Loom 40cm 4 shaft
Current model - shop display - assembled
Comes with all accessories of a new loom - shuttles, threading hook, cross sticks etc.
Save on new kitset price, and this one is assembled! (NP)

Shop collection only
Selling for the owner 'as is'. NO assembly instructions.
No instructions for use. No Warranty - selling "as is"
Heavy construction, countermarche, set up as a 4 shaft with most pieces to go to an 8. Currently dismantled, in our warehouse. If assembly for viewing is required, the price will be $995
Overall approx cm: height-180  width-155  depth-135
Aprons-115  reed-129 & 8dpi M/S
Also: pr x-sticks, 6 stick shuttles, 4 treadles, 4 long lamms, 4 short lamms, 2 shaft hangers(4s), 16 jacks already on loom, no shaft timbers  (NP)